Seminar: The state of Speech Processing in customer contacts – new date TBD


Event will be moved to October, more news will follow! Together with UGent and KULeuven we'll bring you up to date with the state of Natural Langauge Processing and Speech Processing in customer contacts in Belgium. Speech Recognition specialists like MyForce will share best practices in the application of automated voice driven solutions. Registrations open […]

NTT Customer Experience Center Lunch with Randstad

How Next-Gen Contact Centers Inspire Innovation The cloud has enabled a multitude of rapid advancements we couldn’t have envisioned a decade ago. And that definitely rings true for customer service departments. Today, investing in cloud technology isn’t just a matter of operational efficiency. It’s about sparking innovation. This is what we have in store for you: 11.00    Welcome […]

Seminar: the future of telesales – Customer Contact & DNCM


Customer Contact, the Belgian Customer Contact Association and DNCM, Do Not Call Me, present the big Future Of Telesales webinar. We invite all telesales professionals to join us for an interactive online meeting on the status of telesales in Belgium, from a legislation point of view but also in regards to the quality of the […]

Customer Contact Congres 2021

Technopolis Mechelen

Na een jaartje rust vliegen we er in 2021 weer in met hét grootste Customer Contact event: het jaarlijkse congres!